Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TMI Unit 2: Electrical Rotor and Stator Shipments Talking Points

  • First Energy, the owner of Three Mile Island Unit 2, has sold the TMI-2 electrical rotor and stator to Siemens Power Group. Siemens has sold them to Progress Energy in North Carolina and has hired Biggie Power Constructors to ship them.
  • The TMI-2 rotor and stator are not contaminated.
  • The rotor and stator will be shipped to North Carolina in two separate shipments. Biggie Power Constructors is the shipper.
  • The first shipment will be the rotor in early February and it will go from TMI by truck to a rail siding about two miles north of the plant near Royalton. From there the rotor will be shipped by rail to North Carolina. This rotor weighs about 170 tons.
  • The stator is scheduled to be shipped sometime in early to mid-March and will travel from TMI to Havre de Grace in Maryland on a large multi-axel transporter. The stator weighs 460 tons and will take five days to reach Havre de Grace. Biggie Power Constructors is working with Penn DOT to secure all the required permits. The stator shipment to Havre de Grace will involve crossing the Rt. 30 bridge and Interstate 95.
  • Exelon Nuclear is making notifications to local stakeholders as part of our outreach program. For more information about the shipments you can contact the following point of contact at Biggie Power Constructors:
Mr. Roger Simpson Operations/Project Manager Biggie Power Constructors 510-918-4608 (mobile) For questions about how these parts (rotor and stator) will be used or about Progress Energy, please contact: Julia Milstead Progress Energy Harris Nuclear Plant Corporate Communications Office: (919) 362-2160 Cell: 919-522-6467

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