Thursday, January 28, 2010

PSB sees Entergy pattern of deception

From the Rutland Herald:
The Vermont Public Service Board said Wednesday Entergy Nuclear may have provided false information to state utility regulators and the Legislature "for an extended period of time," and said the issue is "broader" than just buried radioactive pipes at Vermont Yankee. James Volz, chairman of the Public Service Board, said it appeared Entergy had given not just false sworn testimony to the board, but also to the Public Service Department, to the state's contractor, Nuclear Safety Associates, the state's Public Oversight Panel, the Legislature and the public. The controversy over radioactive leaks and Entergy's misinformation erupted almost three weeks ago, when Entergy announced that a groundwater monitoring well had tested positive for tritium, a radioactive isotope. The company quickly launched an investigation to find the source of the radioactivity. The probable source: buried pipes that the company said last year didn't exist. Compounding the problem, Volz said, is that Entergy "did nothing to correct the record."
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