Sunday, March 29, 2020

Three PA nuclear plants dealing with COVID-19 and March refueling outages at Beaver Valley, Limerick and Susquehanna

Planned Nuclear Refueling Outages in 2020
In 2020, 56 of the nation’s 58 nuclear reactors in 21 states—including several that have issued lockdown measures—planned to undergo refueling outages. At least 31 of the 58 plants had scheduled outages between mid-February and early May. The remaining 25 planned refueling outages between late August and late October. 

The average U.S. refueling outage times have shortened in recent years—decreasing from an average of 46 days in 2012 to 32 days in 2019—owing in part to improved and planning and execution practices for refueling outages over the years, NEI told POWER. Of significant note is that the 2020 season is poised to be especially busy in part because planned nuclear generation outages are generally timed to coincide with a plant’s refueling cycle, it said. 
Table. Expected U.S. Nuclear Plant Refueling Outages in 2020. Courtesy: NEI
PlantCityStateCompanyApprox. Start
1Browns FerryAthensALTennessee Valley AuthorityMid February
2Grand GulfPort GibsonMSEntergyMid February
3BrunswickSouthportNCDuke Energy Progresslate February
4Davis BesseOak HarborOHFirst EnergyLate February
5ByronByronILExelonEarly March
6Nine MileOswegoNYExelonEarly March
7VogtleAugustaGASouthern Nuclear Operating Co.Early March
8South Texas ProjectWadsworthTXSTP Nuclear Operating Co.Early March
9Arkansas Nuclear OneRussellvilleAREntergyEarly March
10Point BeachTwo RiversWINextEra (FPL)Early March
11SalemHancocks BridgeNJPSEGEarly March
12FermiFrenchtown Charter Twp.MIDTE EnergyMid March
13McGuireHuntersvilleNCDuke EnergyMid March
14SusquehannaBerwickPATalen EnergyMid March
15SequoyahSoddy DaisyTNTennessee Valley AuthorityLate March
16Beaver ValleyShippingportPAFirstEnergyLate March
17LimerickPottstownPAExelonLate March
18Quad CitiesCordovaILExelonLate March
19Turkey PointFlorida CityFLFlorida Power & LightLate March
20SeabrookSeabrookNHNextEra EnergyEarly April
21SalemHancocks BridgeNJPSEGEarly April
22Palo VerdeTonopahAZArizona Public Service CompanyEarly April
23Comanche PeakGlen RoseTXLuminantEarly April
24GinnaOntarioNYExelonEarly April
25OconeeSenecaSCDuke EnergyEarly April
26VC SummerJenkinsvilleSCDominion EnergyEarly April
27MillstoneWaterfordCTDominion EnergyEarly April
28BraidwoodBracevilleILExelonMid April
29Watts BarSpring CityTNTennessee Valley AuthorityMid April
30CatawbaYorkSCDuke EnergyEarly May
31SurrySurryVADominion EnergyEarly May
32Indian PointBuchananNYEntergyEarly May
33PalisadesCovertMIEntergyLate August
34North AnnaMineralVADominion EnergyEarly September
35RobinsonHartsvilleSCDuke Energy ProgressEarly September
36VogtleAugustaGASouthern Nuclear Operating Co.Early September
37FitzpatrickOswegoNYExelonEarly September
38Prairie IslandWelchMNNorthern States PowerEarly September
39DC CookBridgmanMIAEPMid September
40McGuireHuntersvilleNCDuke EnergyMid September
41CooperBrownvilleNENebraska Public Power DistrictMid September
42WaterfordKillonaLAEntergyMid September
43Point BeachTwo RiversWINextEra (FPL)Early October
44SalemHancocks BridgeNJPSEGEarly October
45Palo VerdeTonopahAZArizona Public Service CompanyEarly October
46Browns FerryAthensALTennessee Valley AuthorityEarly October
47Diablo CanyonAvila BeachCAPacific Gas & ElectricEarly October
48CallawayFultonMOAmerenEarly October
49ByronByronILExelonEarly October
50Turkey PointFlorida CityFLFlorida Power & LightEarly October
51FarleyDothanALSouthern Nuclear Operating Co.Early October
52Comanche PeakGlen RoseTXLuminantEarly October
53Peach BottomDeltaPAExelonMid October
54MillstoneWaterfordCTDominion EnergyMid October
55Watts BarSpring CityTNTennessee Valley AuthorityMid October
56Duane ArnoldPaloIANextEra EnergyLate October
As of March 25, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), 13 of the U.S.’s 96 commercial nuclear reactors were offline for refueling outages: Indian Point 3, Nine Mile Point 1, Susquehanna 2, Browns Ferry 2, Brunswick 2, McGuire 1, North Anna 2, Turkey Point 4, Vogtle 2, D.C. Cook 1, Perry 1, Point Beach 1, and Quad Cities 1. At least five others were coasting down in preparation for refueling outages: Limerick 2, Salem 1, Byron 2, 
Monticello, and Comanche Peak 1. 

The Energy Information Administration (EIA), which compiles data from the NRC into a useful interactive map that shows the status of U.S. nuclear outages, noted that 16.9% of total U.S. nuclear capacity—about 17 GW of the total 100 GW—was offline as of March 25.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

NRC Makes Oklo Advanced Reactor Application Publicly Available

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - News Release
No: 20-019 March 27, 2020
CONTACT: Scott Burnell, 301-415-8200

NRC Makes Oklo Advanced Reactor Application Publicly Available
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has received an application from Oklo Power LLC for a license to build and operate the company's Aurora compact fast reactor in Idaho. The application is now available for public review on the NRC website.
Oklo filed the application on March 11, seeking NRC approval of an advanced reactor cooled by a substance other than water. The proposed Aurora design would use heat pipes to transport heat from the reactor core to a power conversion system, which then would be used to generate electricity. The NRC staff began pre-application discussions with Oklo in November 2016.

The NRC staff is determining whether the application has sufficient information to complete the agency’s review. If the application is determined to be complete, the staff will docket it and publish an opportunity to request a hearing on the Combined License portion of the application. Information about Combined Licenses is available on the NRC website.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Full steam ahead - TMI - 2: FRN - Consideration of Approval of Transfer

Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit No. 2; Consideration of Approval of Transfer of License and Conforming Amendment
by the  
Nuclear Regulatory Commission on  03/26/2020

… 6721; email: Ted.Smith@ SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: I … for Docket ID  NRC-2020-0082. •  NRC's Agencywide Documents … evidence, consistent with the  NRC's regulations, policies, … All documents filed in NRC …

NRC Approves License Renewal for Honeywell Uranium Conversion Facility

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - News Release
No: 20-018 March 25, 2020
CONTACT: David McIntyre, 301-415-8200
NRC Approves License Renewal for Honeywell Uranium Conversion Facility
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has renewed the operating license of Honeywell International’s uranium conversion plant in Metropolis, Ill., for an additional 40 years. The new license expires on March 24, 2060.
Uranium conversion is an important step in the nuclear fuel cycle. Honeywell receives uranium oxide from mills and in-situ recovery facilities and converts it to uranium hexafluoride. The UF6 is then transported to other facilities, where it is enriched and subsequently made into fuel for use in commercial nuclear power reactors.
Honeywell submitted its license renewal application in February 2017. In its review, the NRC staff focused on Honeywell’s decommissioning funding, the environmental effects of the facility for the duration of the license, facility changes and safety basis, and the controls to monitor material degradation and aging for the duration of a license term. The staff concluded that renewing the license would not pose an undue risk to public health and safety and would not significantly affect the quality of the environment. The staff’s review is documented in a final safety evaluation report, published this month, and an environmental assessment published in October 2019.
The facility is currently in a “ready-idle” status with a reduced amount of material on site.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Request for an Anniversary Message on March 28

Dear Friends of Three Miles Island,

I hope that you are doing well at this critical moment. One year has already passed and the 41-year anniversary of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster is coming soon. I am amazed at myself to be in a completely different landscape from the last year when I met you at the TMI 40th anniversary. In the sense of invisible fear, I feel here in New York City, it might be some similarity what happened 41 years ago at the Three Mile Island. 

This month, due to the effects of the coronavirus, internal events were no longer possible, and we planed the outside memorial gatherings of Fukushima and Three Mile Island nuclear accidents. We managed to hold the Fukushima memorial gathering. Unfortunately, Three Mile Island memorial gathering is not possible due to the coronavirus curfew. 

I thought that the lessons learned from the experience of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster could help us understand the current fear of coronavirus, and think about our environmental issues with empathy. We made our Facebook page “Voices from the heart”. Please email me your message and let other survivors and related people know about it. We will post your message on March 28th and pray together.

"Voices from the Heart” signals strength in unity from the perspectives of many.  It means seeking out and amplifying our most honest voices from within by sharing collective experiences, knowledge, and information, thereby creating and nurturing the common ground for our expression. Our goal is to connect individuals and communities to learn from the past and present and to explore the next steps to achieving a sustainable world together.

I was not good at Facebook, but I will do it from now to stay connected with you and learn from each other. I hope that the current difficult situation will give us the opportunity to review and improve our society and the world.

Thank you,
Yasuyo Tanaka

NRC Schedules Virtual Meeting to Discuss Performance of URENCO USA Facility

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Press Release
No: II-20-003 March 23, 2020
Contact: Roger Hannah, 404-997-4417 Joey Ledford, 404-997-4416
NRC Schedules Virtual Meeting to Discuss Performance of URENCO USA Facility
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will discuss the results of a performance review of the URENCO USA uranium enrichment facility in Eunice, N.M., during a virtual meeting scheduled for March 30.
The session will be held from 3-5 p.m. Eastern Time (1-3 p.m. Mountain Time) with NRC officials from the Region II office in Atlanta and URENCO officials from the Eunice facility. The meeting can be accessed by the public and media via Skype. NRC officials will be available following the formal portion of the meeting to answer questions. For individuals without access to Skype, a telephone conference number will also be available.
The NRC staff assessed performance of the URENCO facility during the period beginning Jan. 1, 2018, and ending Dec. 31, 2019, in safety operations, safeguards, radiological controls, facility support and other areas. Although the safeguards, or security-related, area was assessed, that information is not publicly available due to its sensitive nature. The NRC staff review determined that URENCO continued to conduct its activities safely and securely, protecting public health and the environment.
The review found that none of the program areas needed improvement, thus the NRC will continue its normal inspection program for such facilities. The NRC does not have resident inspectors at the Eunice facility, but fuel facility inspectors from its Atlanta regional office conduct periodic inspections of various aspects of the operation.
A copy of the NRC letter to the company regarding the performance review is publicly available on the NRC website.
For virtual meeting access or telephone call-in information, contact either Brannen J. Adkins at 404-997-4620 (email: or Lindsey Cooke at 404-997-4836 (email:

Sunday, March 22, 2020

NRC Meeting with Nuclear Industry to Discuss COVID-19 Regulatory Impacts

See the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) meeting announcement,linked here, and reproduced below:

Title: [NRC] Meeting with Nuclear Industry to Discuss COVID-19 Regulatory Impacts.

Dates and Times: March 20, 2020, 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM Eastern Time

Teleconference: Bridge Number (888) 469-2187; Pass Code9610583

Category: This is a Category 2 meeting. The public is invited to participate in this meeting by discussing regulatory issues with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) at designated points identified on the agenda.

Purpose: The purpose of the meeting is to discuss with the nuclear industry regulatory impacts due to COVID-19.

Contact: NRC staffers -- Ed Miller, 301-415-2481,; Mike Mahoney, 301-415-3867,
Participants: NRC staff listed above, plus external industry participants -- Nuclear Energy Institute; Entergy; NextEra.

Here is an audio recording of today's NRC teleconference meeting:
Thank you to Libbe HaLevy, Producer/Host, Nuclear Hotseat, for making this recording.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

TMI - "Amended Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report"


Amended Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report

Document Title:Three Mile Island, Unit 2 - Notification of Revision of Commitment for "Amended Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report" (PSDAR) for Three Mile Island, Unit 2 in Accordance with 10 CFR 50.82(a)(7).
Document Type:Letter
Schedule and Calendars
Document Date:03/02/2020

Document Title:Three Mile Island, Unit 2, Application for Order Approving License Transfer and Conforming License Amendments
Document Type:Letter
License-Application for Facility Operating License (Amend/Renewal) DKT 50
Document Date:11/12/2019

Document Title:Notification of "Amended Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report" (PSDAR) for Three Mile Island, Unit 2 in Accordance with 10 CFR 50.82(a)(7).
Document Type:Decommissioning Funding Plan DKTs 30, 40, 50, 70
Document Date:12/12/2019


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 - Request for Additional Information - RR (EPID L-2019-LLR-0103)

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 - Request for Additional Information - RR (EPID L-2019-LLR-0103)

ADAMS Accession No.: ML20070R228

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Response to Request for Additional Information Related to License Amendment Request for Proposed Changes to the Three Mile Island Nuclear Station Permanently Defueled Emergency Plan and Emergency Action Level Scheme

Response to Request for Additional Information Related to License Amendment Request for Proposed Changes to the Three Mile Island Nuclear Station Permanently Defueled Emergency Plan and Emergency Action Level Scheme

ADAMS Accession No.: ML20050N441

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Photo of NRC Commissioners at Senate Hearing last Wednesday

Photo of NRC Commissioners at Senate Hearing last Wednesday

NRC Chairman Kristine Svinicki (left), with her colleagues, left to right, Commissioners Jeff Baran, Annie Caputo and David Wright, testify about the agency budget, ongoing activities and new initiatives before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.