Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Request for an Anniversary Message on March 28

Dear Friends of Three Miles Island,

I hope that you are doing well at this critical moment. One year has already passed and the 41-year anniversary of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster is coming soon. I am amazed at myself to be in a completely different landscape from the last year when I met you at the TMI 40th anniversary. In the sense of invisible fear, I feel here in New York City, it might be some similarity what happened 41 years ago at the Three Mile Island. 

This month, due to the effects of the coronavirus, internal events were no longer possible, and we planed the outside memorial gatherings of Fukushima and Three Mile Island nuclear accidents. We managed to hold the Fukushima memorial gathering. Unfortunately, Three Mile Island memorial gathering is not possible due to the coronavirus curfew. 

I thought that the lessons learned from the experience of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster could help us understand the current fear of coronavirus, and think about our environmental issues with empathy. We made our Facebook page “Voices from the heart”. Please email me your message yasuyotanaka@yahoo.com and let other survivors and related people know about it. We will post your message on March 28th and pray together.

"Voices from the Heart” signals strength in unity from the perspectives of many.  It means seeking out and amplifying our most honest voices from within by sharing collective experiences, knowledge, and information, thereby creating and nurturing the common ground for our expression. Our goal is to connect individuals and communities to learn from the past and present and to explore the next steps to achieving a sustainable world together.

I was not good at Facebook, but I will do it from now to stay connected with you and learn from each other. I hope that the current difficult situation will give us the opportunity to review and improve our society and the world.

Thank you,
Yasuyo Tanaka

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