Sunday, March 29, 2020

Three PA nuclear plants dealing with COVID-19 and March refueling outages at Beaver Valley, Limerick and Susquehanna

Planned Nuclear Refueling Outages in 2020
In 2020, 56 of the nation’s 58 nuclear reactors in 21 states—including several that have issued lockdown measures—planned to undergo refueling outages. At least 31 of the 58 plants had scheduled outages between mid-February and early May. The remaining 25 planned refueling outages between late August and late October. 

The average U.S. refueling outage times have shortened in recent years—decreasing from an average of 46 days in 2012 to 32 days in 2019—owing in part to improved and planning and execution practices for refueling outages over the years, NEI told POWER. Of significant note is that the 2020 season is poised to be especially busy in part because planned nuclear generation outages are generally timed to coincide with a plant’s refueling cycle, it said. 
Table. Expected U.S. Nuclear Plant Refueling Outages in 2020. Courtesy: NEI
PlantCityStateCompanyApprox. Start
1Browns FerryAthensALTennessee Valley AuthorityMid February
2Grand GulfPort GibsonMSEntergyMid February
3BrunswickSouthportNCDuke Energy Progresslate February
4Davis BesseOak HarborOHFirst EnergyLate February
5ByronByronILExelonEarly March
6Nine MileOswegoNYExelonEarly March
7VogtleAugustaGASouthern Nuclear Operating Co.Early March
8South Texas ProjectWadsworthTXSTP Nuclear Operating Co.Early March
9Arkansas Nuclear OneRussellvilleAREntergyEarly March
10Point BeachTwo RiversWINextEra (FPL)Early March
11SalemHancocks BridgeNJPSEGEarly March
12FermiFrenchtown Charter Twp.MIDTE EnergyMid March
13McGuireHuntersvilleNCDuke EnergyMid March
14SusquehannaBerwickPATalen EnergyMid March
15SequoyahSoddy DaisyTNTennessee Valley AuthorityLate March
16Beaver ValleyShippingportPAFirstEnergyLate March
17LimerickPottstownPAExelonLate March
18Quad CitiesCordovaILExelonLate March
19Turkey PointFlorida CityFLFlorida Power & LightLate March
20SeabrookSeabrookNHNextEra EnergyEarly April
21SalemHancocks BridgeNJPSEGEarly April
22Palo VerdeTonopahAZArizona Public Service CompanyEarly April
23Comanche PeakGlen RoseTXLuminantEarly April
24GinnaOntarioNYExelonEarly April
25OconeeSenecaSCDuke EnergyEarly April
26VC SummerJenkinsvilleSCDominion EnergyEarly April
27MillstoneWaterfordCTDominion EnergyEarly April
28BraidwoodBracevilleILExelonMid April
29Watts BarSpring CityTNTennessee Valley AuthorityMid April
30CatawbaYorkSCDuke EnergyEarly May
31SurrySurryVADominion EnergyEarly May
32Indian PointBuchananNYEntergyEarly May
33PalisadesCovertMIEntergyLate August
34North AnnaMineralVADominion EnergyEarly September
35RobinsonHartsvilleSCDuke Energy ProgressEarly September
36VogtleAugustaGASouthern Nuclear Operating Co.Early September
37FitzpatrickOswegoNYExelonEarly September
38Prairie IslandWelchMNNorthern States PowerEarly September
39DC CookBridgmanMIAEPMid September
40McGuireHuntersvilleNCDuke EnergyMid September
41CooperBrownvilleNENebraska Public Power DistrictMid September
42WaterfordKillonaLAEntergyMid September
43Point BeachTwo RiversWINextEra (FPL)Early October
44SalemHancocks BridgeNJPSEGEarly October
45Palo VerdeTonopahAZArizona Public Service CompanyEarly October
46Browns FerryAthensALTennessee Valley AuthorityEarly October
47Diablo CanyonAvila BeachCAPacific Gas & ElectricEarly October
48CallawayFultonMOAmerenEarly October
49ByronByronILExelonEarly October
50Turkey PointFlorida CityFLFlorida Power & LightEarly October
51FarleyDothanALSouthern Nuclear Operating Co.Early October
52Comanche PeakGlen RoseTXLuminantEarly October
53Peach BottomDeltaPAExelonMid October
54MillstoneWaterfordCTDominion EnergyMid October
55Watts BarSpring CityTNTennessee Valley AuthorityMid October
56Duane ArnoldPaloIANextEra EnergyLate October
As of March 25, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), 13 of the U.S.’s 96 commercial nuclear reactors were offline for refueling outages: Indian Point 3, Nine Mile Point 1, Susquehanna 2, Browns Ferry 2, Brunswick 2, McGuire 1, North Anna 2, Turkey Point 4, Vogtle 2, D.C. Cook 1, Perry 1, Point Beach 1, and Quad Cities 1. At least five others were coasting down in preparation for refueling outages: Limerick 2, Salem 1, Byron 2, 
Monticello, and Comanche Peak 1. 

The Energy Information Administration (EIA), which compiles data from the NRC into a useful interactive map that shows the status of U.S. nuclear outages, noted that 16.9% of total U.S. nuclear capacity—about 17 GW of the total 100 GW—was offline as of March 25.

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