Friday, August 14, 2015

Quad City wind energy farms on the rise, future of Exelon questionable

"It's important not to validate or amplify Exelon's message that wind is what is causing problems for nuclear. This article makes an interesting counterpoint, highlighting the benefits wind energy provides to rural Illinois: property taxes, rent to farmers, jobs, community projects, etc. Same as what Exelon claims to do, but with the potential to do a lot more."

Tim Judson, Executive Director
Nuclear Information & Resource Service

Quad City wind energy farms on the rise, future of Exelon questionable

Wind energy is on the rise while nuclear energy is steadily falling, as officials at the Exelon Power Plant in Cordova consider closing their doors for good.

“This really is a critical time in the 41-years at the Quad Cities station where we have never been in a position where me may have premature shutdown,” said Bill Stoermer, Senior Communications Manager at Exelon in Cordova. “We really need the state legislature to act. They of course are focused on the budget and to try to get some budget resolved. We certainly understand that, however we’re going to be forced to make some decisions by the end of the year regarding our plans here in Illinois.”

At the Invenergy Wind Farm in Cambridge, Illinois on Tuesday, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos started a month-long renewable energy tour and talked about how important clean energy is to the local economy.

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