Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Investigation into Tritium Contamination at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station

From the Vermont Department of Health:

Since Jan. 7, the Vermont Department of Health has stepped up its environmental surveillance of Vermont Yankee by testing water samples taken from drinking water wells and ground water monitoring wells on site at the plant, and in the surrounding area. Water is now being sampled at least weekly for independent testing by our public health laboratory. Other samples, such as soil, milk, river sediment, and vegetation (when available), are being taken for testing as needed.

The Department of Health is using gamma spectroscopy analysis to determine if other radioisotopes, in addition to tritium, are present in samples collected from and around Vermont Yankee site.

These independent test results to date for tritium and gamma spectroscopy are available here:

Health Department Laboratory Test Results (xls)

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