Saturday, February 6, 2010

Backtracking and in trouble: A detailed timeline on who said what on Vt. Yankee

From the Times Argus:
But representatives of Entergy, the company that has owned the plant since 2002, repeatedly told the Oversight Panel, which featured appointees by both lawmakers and the governor, that Vermont Yankee did not have such a system. Entergy officials, on several occasions under oath, told the Public Service Board the same thing. With revelations this month that Vermont Yankee is leaking tritium – a radioactive isotope – into nearby groundwater, it became clear that those statements were wrong. Entergy calls it a "miscommunication" and anti-nuclear activists call it a bald lie. Using transcripts of testimony before the Public Service Board, filings before the Public Service Department, e-mails released by the Oversight Panel and local news reports, we have attempted to assemble of rough time-line of who said what and when – and which of those statements have been revealed to be untrue.
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