Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Event Number: 45517 Facility: BEAVER VALLEY Region: 1 State: PA Unit: [ ] [2] [ ] RX Type: [1] W-3-LP,[2] W-3-LP NRC Notified By: DAN SCHWER HQ OPS Officer: VINCE KLCO Emergency Class: UNUSUAL EVENT 10 CFR Section: 50.72(a) (1) (i) - EMERGENCY DECLARED Notification Date: 11/24/2009 Notification Time: 03:40 [ET] Event Date: 11/24/2009 Event Time: 03:05 [EST] Last Update Date: 11/24/2009 Person (Organization): RAYMOND MCKINLEY (R1DO) SAM COLLINS (RA1) ERIC LEEDS (NRR) SAMSON LEE (NRR) BRIAN McDERMOTT (IRD) JOHN FROST (DHS) WILLIAM BORDAN (FEMA) "Beaver Valley Unit 2 declared an unusual event due to reactor coolant system unidentified leakage greater than 25 GPM into the pressurizer relief tank. Leakage occurred during shutdown of the residual heat removal system Train-A. The Train-A suction relief valve lifted due to pressure from the in-service Train-B residual heat [removal] system. The leakage has been stopped by isolating Train-A RHR from Train-B RHR. The duration of relief valve lifting was about 9 minutes. The pressurizer relief tank remained intact. All other systems functioned as designed and the plant is stable. Containment was closed at time of the event. No radioactive release occurred." The licensee terminated the unusual event at 0404 EST. The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector. * * * UPDATE BY DAVID HASER TO VINCE KLCO ON 11/24/2009 AT 0707* * * Licensee clarified that the event was due to identified leakage not unidentified leakage as stated in the paragraph above.

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