Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TMI leak raises anxiety

From the Press and Journal:
Eric Epstein, chairman of the watchdog group Three Mile Island Alert, went further when he labeled the calling delay a “communications fiasco.” “It appears that they have learned nothing [from the 1979 accident],” he said. TMI’s DeSantis said the level of radiation released was well below an “unusual event,” a designation requiring the notification of state and local officials within 15 minutes. However, he said, the company will review its handling of the information. “If there is a way that we can improve this we certainly will,” he said. TMI’s Unit 1 reactor has been shut down for refueling and maintenance since Oct. 26. Saturday’s incident occurred while workers were removing one of two steam generators that are being replaced. Inspectors for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission were at the site Saturday to monitor Exelon’s response to the release. Federal regulators will continue to investigate the cause of the release.
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