Sunday, January 15, 2017

Letter of Concern Regarding November 21st Decision

Introduction: It is circumstantial; however, public documentation regarding the Riverstone Holdings LLC takeover of Talen Energy on more than one occasion indicated that no operational changes were included in the $14 per share buy-out deal noted above and in previous posts. Yet in less than six months, within hours of the deal and license was secured, Riverstone Holdings LLC/Talen Energy removed a $70 million capital authorization for the Montour Steam Electric Plant conversion to gas. Is this a coincidence? The Securities and Exchange Commission knew, NRC knew, the CEO knew, yet it appears that the public was misled. Is this turn of events, i.e., that which might have prompted Riverstone Holdings LLC/Talen Energy to force SUNSI security, fraudulent? Will there be other cases such as this in our near future?

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