Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Letter of Concern Regarding Due Process

I began my review of Talen Energy, prior to October 2016, regarding SSES cask storage requirements, and later grew concerned when discussions of License Transfer, Talen Energy to Riverstone Holdings LLC and ownership changes became public. During my analysis, I became aware that the ethics of these companies might be suspect, and that their business practices, as demonstrated by their actions, could affect their ability to effectively manage SSES safely over the life of the license; thus affecting the health and safety of the greater Berwick, PA community. In October, I notified NRC that I would undertake a review of relevant, public documents, requested a public hearing and requested SUNSI documentation. I estimated then that I would invest about ninety days of work to complete my assessment and that I would keep the NRC updated as my review continued. I continue my review. I am disappointed in the NRC decision to deny my standing regarding SSES License Transfer, and the absence of a public hearing. I believe this to be denial of due process.

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