Tuesday, July 1, 2014


An Update To The On-going Revision to NUREG-0654/FEMA-REP-1

Development of draft Revision 2 of NUREG-0654/FEMA-REP-1 continued during the 1st quar- ter of calendar year 2014 in preparation for the formal public comment period, which is scheduled to start in Octo- ber 2014. A preliminary draft of Section I was developed and changes to the evaluation criteria in Section II were com- pleted after considering feed- back from the stakeholder engagement sessions held in October 2013. Prior to holding another stakeholder engage- ment session, the document was provided to NRC and FE- MA staff for comment in April 2014. During May 2014, the lead NRC-FEMA writing team made further changes to Sec- tions I and II based on staff input.

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