Monday, August 19, 2013

Gundersen: Three Mile Island Rad Releases 100 To 1,000 Times Greater Than Gov't., Industry Admit, Plant Insider Says Releases At Least Hundreds Of Times Higher Than Official Statements

[... Three Mile Island] Plant operator Metropolitan Edison’s in-house health physics staff fled after the incident began, so responsibility for monitoring radioactive emissions went to a private contractor called Rad Services.

The company immediately hired Randall Thompson to serve as the health physics technician in charge of monitoring radioactive emissions, while Joy Thompson got a job monitoring radiation doses to TMI workers.

What the Thompsons say they found out during their time inside TMI suggests radiation releases from the plant were hundreds if not thousands of times higher than the government and industry have acknowledged — high enough to cause the acute health effects documented in people living near the plant but that have been dismissed by the industry and the government as impossible given official radiation dose estimates. [...]

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