Sunday, January 20, 2013

NRC Seeks Public Comment on Possible Changes to Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage and Transportation Regulatory Framework

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is asking the public for input as the agency considers changes to the regulatory framework for spent nuclear fuel storage and transportation. The request for comment, published in the Jan. 17 Federal Register, is the first in a series and will inform the NRC’s effort to improve how it regulates after more than 20 years of experience approving dry casks for spent fuel storage and transportation.

The NRC is specifically looking at how it could better integrate the requirements for spent fuel storage under 10 CFR Part 72 with those for spent fuel transportation under 10 CFR Part 71. As part of this evaluation, the NRC is looking at the potential need for changes to policy, guidance, or regulatory requirements for retrievability, cladding integrity, and safe handling of spent fuel. The public will have another opportunity to comment on any proposed changes, should the NRC decide to revise its guidance or regulations on these issues. More information is available in the Federal Register notice and on the NRC website.

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