Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Storm Power Outages Cause Alert Siren Inoperability

Facility: QUAD CITIES Event Number: 45587 Emergency Class: NON EMERGENCY "On December 23, 2009, at 0656 hours, 40% of the alert sirens in the Quad Cities Station Emergency Planning Zone were determined to be inoperable for greater than 60 minutes. This is considered a major loss of the Quad Cities offsite notification capability. The alert sirens were disabled due to power outages caused by a winter storm. Efforts are underway at the time of this notification to restore the sirens. "This report is being made due to the reduction in public notification capabilities in accordance with 10CFR50.72(b)(3)(xiii). As of 1100 hours, all but 6 EPZ sirens (12%) have been restored. "A follow-up notification will be provided when the sirens have been restored." * * * UPDATE FROM DEWEERTE TO TEAL AT 1707 ON 12/23/2009 * * * "Repairs to the emergency sirens were completed as of 1456 CST hours. All sirens are restored."

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