Thursday, December 3, 2009

Statement By NRC Chairman Gregory B. Jaczko On Upcoming Commission Schedule

From the Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

“The Commission has established its tentative schedule for the first months of 2010 with the goal of continuing to ensure that our stakeholders are informed of, and involved in, the agency’s activities and plans. The Commission is moving into the new year with a comprehensive meeting schedule, tackling diverse and timely issues as well as undertaking discussions to resolve several long-standing issues from the past.

The Commission is moving forward in our planning while not losing sight of where we have been, or the challenges that face us currently. I look forward to discussions about our anticipated activities, such as those in the area of uranium recovery, to make sure that our mission – for safety, security and protection of the environment – is being met. I’m also looking forward to discussions to help us close out long-standing generic safety issues, such as the GSI-191, which addresses sump performance issues. The meetings planned around current issues will provide an opportunity to engage stakeholders on such critical items as safety culture and ensuring adequate decommission funding.

I am looking forward to exploring these items with my Commission colleagues, the agency staff, and our stakeholders, as we move forward with the agency’s business of protecting people and the environment.”

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