Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tom Ridge to give keynote address at nuclear energy symposium

We're excited to announce that Tom Ridge, former secretary of Homeland Security and former governor of Pennsylvania, will be giving the keynote address at our nuclear power symposium on October 15 and 16, entitled Nuclear Power: Back on the table. The symposium will focus on nuclear energy in Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region. It is designed for professionals, academics, government officials, and students with an interest in nuclear energy. The symposium will feature experts from academia, industry, and government discussing nuclear power economics, environmental impact, energy policy, and nuclear power research. Scheduled speakers include representatives from Westinghouse Electric, AREVA, Energy Resources International, the Electric Power Research Institute, Bisconti Research, the Nuclear Energy Institute, Idaho National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Oregon State University, North Carolina State University, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Texas at Austin. The event is part of the fiftieth anniversary celebration of Penn State's nuclear engineering program. Information and registration can be found online Thanks in advance for your support of this symposium, and we hope to see you in October. Arthur T. Motta Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering

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