Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TMI Unit 1 - Correction to Technical Specifications

The amendment removed cycle-specific core parameter limits from the TS and added an administrative requirement to submit a Core Operating Limits Report to the NRC, prior to each core reload. During the ongoing TMI-1 license renewal review, it was identified that certain figures that were the subject of the application dated April 28, 1989, were present in the NRC version of the TMI-1 TS, but not in the licensee version. This discrepancy was traced to an incorrect inserUremove page included in the issuance letter for Amendment 150. This inserUremove page did not specify the removal of Figures 3.5-2A through 3.5-2L as it should have. Therefore, please remove Figures 3.5-2A through 3.5-2L from the TMI-1 TS, if you have not already done so.
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