Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Oral Argument on Three Mile Island Cleanup Set for January 19, 2023

Also, the SRBC's decision to reduce the amount of water TMI-1

can withdraw from the Susquehanna River is due this Thursday.
TMI's permit expired in October, 2021. Constellation is
asking only for enough waterer to cleanup TMI-1. 

TMI-2's water permit lapsed in the 1990s, and they have not 
applied for water use rights. TMI-2 has no access to river 
water at this time.

TMI-Alert is the only entity which has offered testimony 
on Section 401 Clean Water Certification, and argued
against dumping radioactive, cleanup water into the
Susquehanna River. The DEP has remained silent. 
TMIA has litigated water use cases at the NRC and the 
SRBC dating back to 2020.

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