Monday, July 19, 2021

TAKE ACTION NOW: Who's Protecting Us? Stop environmental exclusions

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Dear Diane,

Who's protecting us from the dangers of nuclear energy and radioactive waste?  

NOT the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)!!!

NRC is trying to make over a dozen actions that could endanger people and the environment exempt from environmental and safety reviews. That means NRC could approve projects that affect our health while ignoring the impacts—and preventing communities from even having a say.  

These are just a few of the bad ideas the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is trying to exempt from environmental and safety reviews:
  • Deregulating nuclear wast to make radioactive belt buckles, baby toys, and building supplies
  • Nuclear waste casks that are not designed for real-world storage and transport conditions
  • Uranium mills, nuclear power reactors, and other nuclear sites closed and released without environmental review
  • Review of funds needed for decommissioning nuclear power reactors, irradiated (“spent”) fuel storage, and nuclear fuel facilities
  • Excluding uranium mills, nuclear sites, radioactive wastes, and more from environmental and safety regulations
Take Action Now
NRC is only accepting comments from the public until July 21. 

Thanks for all you do!
The NIRS Team
Diane D’Arrigo
Denise Jakobsberg
Tim Judson
Ann McCann
Hannah Smay 
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