Sunday, March 21, 2021

NRC Proceeding "Three Mile Island 50-320 LT"

 **EIE Update**  Due to certain NRC computer security enhancements the process to open submissions having more than one attachment has had to be changed. Now, after opening the link in the e-mail and validating their certificate, users will see a page with a button saying “Download Attachments". Selecting that button will cause the attached .zip file to be downloaded to the users' computer. Thereafter, the files can be opened using the normal protocol.  **EIE Update**


Re: NRC Proceeding "Three Mile Island 50-320 LT"

The Office of the Secretary has received a Submission entitled

"ORDER (Setting Briefing Schedule)"

submitted by Krupskaya T. Castellon who is affiliated with NRC SECY.  It contains 1 attachment(s).

It is intended for inclusion in the referenced proceeding. It was submitted through the NRC Electronic Information Exchange (EIE) system and arrived on 03/19/2021 at 03.31 PM.

As a hearing participant, you are entitled to view and/or retrieve this Submission by visiting the following web link.  

ORDER (Setting Briefing Schedule) - (302 KB)

If the submission contains 2 or more attachments, they will be delivered to you as a single compressed zip file from which you may open the attachments.  The delivery model works best with the free download product named "SecureZip".  This is the product used in the screen shots in the Adjudicatory User's Guide.  Other compression products will work but the access steps may vary.

The link will remain active for 30 day(s) after which its contents will be removed from the EIE system. Not later than 3 days from the date of this message the attachment(s) will also be available through NRC Electronic Hearing Docket (EHD) web site. The web link for this site is: and the documents can be located by browsing in the appropriate hearing folder.

Receipt of this message constitutes completion of service of this filing.

PARTIES SERVED WITH THIS SUBMISSION:  Campbell, Tison A.; Castellon, Krupskaya T.; Desai, Sachin; Docket, Hearing; Duke, Alicia R; Epstein, Eric; Eskelsen, Grant; Halnon, Gregory H; Krause, Emily I.; Lighty, Ryan K.; Matthews, Timothy P; Naber, Anita G.; Newell, Brian P.; ocaamail, ocaamail; Roth, David E.; Schumann, Stacy M.; Sealy, Karen; Sola, Clara I; Speiser, Herald; Stenger, Daniel Frank; van Noordennen, Gerard Peter; Wachutka, Jeremy L.

E210319t033109_ORDER (Setting Briefing Schedule).pdf

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