Sunday, February 7, 2021

TMI accident records placed in NRC"s online electronic library

 Within the past year or so, the NRC has placed thousands of old records into ADAMS, its online digital library. These records had existed on microfiche and were accessible by visiting the NRC"s Public Document Room or one of its Local Public Document Rooms. 

Among the records now available in digital form (i.e., PDFs) are lots of records on the March 1979 accident at Three Mile Island. 

Attached is a query that can be used to access these recorfds.

Here's how to use this query to access the records:

1) Save the attached file to your computer

2) Go to the NRC"s website at

3) Click the NRC LIBRARY tab towards the upper right

4) Click the ADAMS PUBLIC DOCUMENTS link at the lower middle screen

5) Click the BEGIN WBA SEARCH link on the right side of the screen

6) Click the CONTENT SEARCH tab to the upper left of the screen

7) Click the LOAD QUERY tab just below the CONTENT SEARCH tab

8) Click the button with the three dots in it on the right end of the pop-up box

9) Navigate to where the saved file was stored on your computer and select it as the FILE NAME to open

10) With that file name now appearing in the LOAD SAVED QUERY pop-up box, click OK

11) Click the darker blue SEARCH button towards the upper middle portion of the screen

Nearly 1000 records will be returned.

Individual records can be viewed/downloaded from the listed records.

This query was for records on Three Mile Island Unit 2 dated between 3/1/1979 and 12/31/1979 that were placed in ADAMS since 12/31/2019 that contain the word "radiological." 

One can replace "radiological" in the  DOCUMENT CONTENT search box with other items of interest and then click the dark blue SEARCH button.

"Chronology" and "RIckover" and "transcript" yielded lots of records.

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