Saturday, December 19, 2020

Opinion: Three Mile Island Cleanup Needs to be Fully Funded, ( Morris & Epstein, 12/14/20)

Opinion: Three Mile Island Cleanup Needs to be Fully Funded

Dear Editor:

We are writing in regard to the recent announcement by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
(“NRC)” to grant approval, without a hearing, to FirstEnergy to transfer TMI-2’s license to Energy
Solutions, a limited liability corporation from Utah with no assets. We speak in opposition to such a

Before explaining our concerns, let us tell you a little about the writers.

Eric Epstein became involved with Three Mile Island issues in December 1982 after he
returned home from college. He was 23, and joined the Susquehanna Valley Alliance. Epstein has
been the spokesperson or Chairman of Three Mile Island Alert since 1984. TMI-Alert, a safe-energy
organization founded in 1977, monitors the Peach Bottom, Three-Mile Island and Susquehanna
nuclear power plants. Mr. Epstein has conducted research and provided testimony relating to
decommissioning, decontamination, and emergency planning before the NRC. He attended many of
the TMI Advisory Panel meetings.

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