Tuesday, July 23, 2019

June 4 Public Meeting w/Exelon regarding Safety Relief Valve Test Intervals


I was on the line along with two employees from the PA DEP from 10:30 to 10:50 listening to dead air. Out of concern and curiosity, how long did the presentation proceed before the NRC realized the phone was not working?

Not only was the public deprived of the opportunity to ask  questions of Exelon and the NRC, but the revised slides - which were materially different - were not made available prior to the failed public broadcast.

Does this event count as an official pre-application meeting?

I wanted to point out the irony of how a basic malfunction undermines the licensee’s assertion of the benefits of saving both "time and effort.” This type of avoidable malfunction actually underscores the folly of allowing Exelon to skip future reviews.

I have enclosed several questions.

1) How was the issue of aging factored into the BWR Fleet MSSV/SRV analyses?

2)  Re: Old p.14 At what point or at what time would pressure tolerances be compromised?

3)  Re: Old 16 p. Does the request period include license extensions? Please quantify "time” and “effort,” and at on point do “time” and effort” become negligible?

4) How are these relief requests measured against “defense in depth” criteria?

5) Please prepare a comparison and contrasts of Exelon’s presentations for the Pre-Application meeting.

Thanks in advance to your attention to this most important matter.

Eric Epstein, Chairman, TMI-Alert


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