Friday, September 4, 2015

NRC Issues Mid-Cycle Assessments for Nation’s Nuclear Plants

NRC Issues Mid-Cycle Assessments for Nation’s Nuclear Plants

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued mid-cycle assessment letters to the nation’s 99 operating commercial nuclear power plants regarding their performance through the first half of 2015. The mid-cycle assessment period concluded on June 30, with 96 plants in the two highest performance categories.

“NRC senior management and staff perform a systematic review of all current performance indicators, recent inspection findings and other pertinent information for each domestic power reactor facility,” said Scott Morris, Director of the Division of Inspection and Regional Support in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. “One key outcome from this semi-annual process is to ensure that all of our stakeholders clearly understand the basis for our assessments of plant performance and the actions we are taking to address any identified performance deficiencies.”

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