Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Publication of Final Rule - Continued Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has published the final rule, “Continued Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel” (RIN 3150-AJ20; NRC-2012-0246).  As discussed in a previous e-mail dated September 10, 2014, the NRC prepared a final generic environmental impact statement that provides a regulatory basis for this final rule: NUREG-2157, “Generic Environmental Impact Statement for Continued Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel.”

The final rule is available in the NRC’s Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS) under Accession No. ML14262A011: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1426/ML14262A011.pdf.  The final rule is also available on the Federal Register website: https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2014/09/19/2014-22215/continued-storage-of-spent-nuclear-fuel.

NUREG-2157 is also available in ADAMS:
·         NUREG-2157, Vol. 1 (Accession No. ML14196A105)  http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1419/ML14196A105.pdf
·         NUREG-2157, Vol. 2 (Accession No. ML14196A107)  http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1419/ML14196A107.pdf

For problems with ADAMS, please contact the NRC’s Public Document Room reference staff at 1-800-397-4209, at 301-415-4737, or by e-mail to pdr.resource@nrc.gov.

If you have any questions regarding the final rule or NUREG-2157, please contact Sarah Lopas, however, please note that this is the last e-mail notification that will be sent from WCOutreach@nrc.gov.

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Staff of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
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