Friday, December 27, 2013

Availability of Waste Confidence Public Meeting Summaries and Transcripts


This e-mail contains links to Waste Confidence public meeting transcripts and summaries available to date.  Transcripts and meeting summaries can also be found on our Waste Confidence Public Involvement website:  More meeting summaries will be posted to the website as soon as they are available.

Rockville, MD (Oct. 1)
Transcript (ML13277A455):
Meeting Summary (ML13282A611):

Denver, CO (Oct. 3)
Transcript (ML13282A605):
Meeting Summary (ML13295A427):

Chelmsford, MA (Oct. 28)
Transcript (ML13310B069):
Meeting Summary (ML13323B497):

Tarrytown, NY (Oct. 30)
Transcript (ML13318A129):
Meeting Summary (ML13323B515):

Charlotte, NC (Nov. 4)
Transcript (ML13323B474):
Meeting Summary (ML13331A719):

Orlando, FL (Nov. 6)
Transcript (ML13330B643):
Meeting Summary (ML13331A720):

Oak Brook, IL (Nov. 12)
Transcript (ML13330C033):
Meeting Summary (ML13343A161):

Rockville, MD (Nov. 14)
Transcript (ML13330B840):

Carlsbad, CA (Nov. 18)
Transcript (ML13339A942):

San Luis Obispo, CA (Nov. 20)
Transcript (ML13339A946):

Perrysburg, OH (Dec. 2)
Transcript (ML13340A572):

Minnetonka, MN (Dec. 4)
Transcript (ML13344B149):

Rockville, MD Teleconference (Dec. 9)
Transcript (ML13345B014):

If you have any questions about the transcripts, meeting summaries, or submitting comments, please call or e-mail Sarah Lopas at (301) 287-0675

Thank you,

Staff of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Waste Confidence Directorate

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