Monday, September 2, 2013

Will Three Mile Island Ever Be Cleaned Up?

Testimony of Eric Epstein Re: Three Mile Island, Unit 2, (TMI-2) Post-Shutdown Decommissiong Activities Report (PSDAR) August 28, 2014

I. Introduction

Within two years after submitting the certification of permanent closure to the NRC,* nuclear power plants are required to file a post-shutdown decommissioning activities report ("PSDAR"). GPU Nuclear Inc., ("GPU") te plant's owner, neglected to do that by the required date of September 14, 1995. On February 13, 2013, over seventeen years after the Report was due and thirty years after GPU caused a meldown, the NRC decided to give TMI-2 the benefit of the doubt. The NRC stated, "..after reviewing the circumstances for the company's failure to submit a PSDAR." the NRC downgraded the Security Level III violation to a slap on the wrist and issued a non-cited notice of violation.

This is like being awarded a Ph.D. for flunking out of first grade.

Thank goodness the NRC is not a probation officer.

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