Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oyster Creek: Prohibited Substance Located Inside the Protected Area

Event Number: 46502

PROHIBITIVE SUBSTANCE LOCATED INSIDE THE PROTECTED AREA "At 1007 EST a prohibitive substance (un-opened alcohol container) was discovered in the protected area. The non-supervisory individual involved is being evaluated under the behavior observation program and the prohibitive substance (alcohol) has been confiscated. "This report is being made in accordance Significant Fitness-For-Duty Events SEC 1.10, 10 CFR 26.719 (b) Significant FFD policy violations or programmatic failures. The following significant FFD policy violations and programmatic failures must be reported to the NRC Operations Center by telephone within 24 hours after the licensee or other entity discovers the violation: "(1) The use, sale, distribution, possession, or presence of illegal drugs, or the consumption or presence of alcohol within a protected area; "The following are considered significant fitness-for-duty events and must be reported by nuclear stations to the NRC Operations Center by telephone within 24 hours of discovery of the event by the licensee; "Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs within the protected area, even if no person is in possession of the items." The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector.

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