Thursday, September 17, 2009

Peach Bottom -- Request for Withholding Information from Public Disclosure

The following documents are being withheld from public disclosure:
"Criticality Analysis of the Peach Bottom Spent Fuel Racks for GNF-2 Fuel with Boraflex Panel Degradation Projected to May 2010," designated as NET-264-02, Rev. 3. "Characterization of Boraflex Panel Degradation in the Peach Bottom Unit 2 Spent Fuel Pool Projected to May 2010," designated as NET-264-03, Rev. 1. "Response for Request for Additional Information -Revision to Technical Specification Concerning k-infinity, Revision 1," designated as Attachment 5 to Exelon letter dated June 12, 2009, (ADAMS Accession No. ML091740446).
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