Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Loan Helps Philadelphia Dentist Purchase Digital X-Ray System That Cuts Energy Use, Waste

The Small Business Pollution Prevention Assistance Account (PPAA) loan program will help South Philadelphia Orthodontic Associates save money and improve the environment by upgrading to a digital x-ray system.
The practice received $38,250 from the state loan program to install a new digital radiographic x-ray system. The system will help the business save money by reducing water consumption and waste disposal costs as well as reducing labor/maintenance costs and dental supplies. In addition, the business projects a reduction in its hazardous waste stream, wastewater and a 96 percent reduction in the amount of radiation emitted. Combined, these savings are projected to save the company approximately $7,845 annually. The company has projected that the payback will be approximately 6.5 years. Department of Environmental Protection

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