Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More taxpayer billions for another nuclear power plant on the Susquehanna River?

PPL has submitted an application to construct and operate a new nuclear power plant at its Bell Bend Nuclear Power Plant site along the Susquehanna River in Salem Township, Luzerne County, Pa.

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The NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] staff's preliminary environmental recommendation is that the license could be issued....

The ... conclusions are cursory, fatally flawed, and reek of regulatory negligence. There is no approved reactor design. There is no approved consumptive water use permit. There is no money.

TMI-Alert will request a formal audit by the Government Accountability Office to determine if regulatory collusion and willful manipulation of data has taken place....

PPL ... needs a federal subsidy of $4.5 billion or 80% of the projected cost of the project. This "nuclear loan" is guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury (that is - taxpayers), and the real cost, based on overruns in Florida and Texas, is actually $10 billion!

-- From testimony given before the NRC by Eric Epstein, Chairman, TMI-Alert, Harrisburg, Pa. A copy of his June 4, 2015 document is attached.

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Why build another plant if we still havent solved the issue of where the waste is going to go?
-- Eric Epstein quoted in Power plant owner moves forward with plans for reactor, by Elizabeth Skrapits, at this June 5, 2015  site of Hazelton, Pa.s Standard Speaker:

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For more information about the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and submitting comments (by July 7, 2015) on the PPL application, go to this website:!documentDetail;D=NRC-2008-0603-0028

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