Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Exelon: Acceptance of License Amendment Request to Delete Decommissioning Trust License Conditions

Subject:  Exelon Generation Company, LLC – Acceptance of License Amendment Request to Delete Decommissioning Trust License Conditions (EPID L-2019-LLA-0185)

ADAMS Accession No. ML19261A226


TMI: Relief From Requirements Re: Examination And Testing For Containment Unbonded Post-Tensioning System

Subject: Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 1 -Relief From The Requirements Of The Asme Code Re: Examination And Testing For Containment Unbonded Post-Tensioning System   (EPID-L-2018-LLR-0132)

ADAMS Accession No. ML19226A023


NRC Response to Auditor General on TMI

PDF: NRC Response to AG, (7:31:19).pdf

Friday, September 20, 2019


Employees and community members celebrate its legacy of safe and reliable service 
LONDONDERRY TWP, Pa. (September 20, 2019) For the past 45 years, Three Mile Island Generating Station Unit 1 has been safely and reliably powering more than 830,000 homes and businesses with carbon-free energy. That legacy ended at noon today when operators took the TMI Unit 1 reactor offline for the final time, setting a site record of running 709 continuous days, beating the stations previous record of 705 days set in 2009. 
The world-class commercial nuclear power facility now enters a new chapter. Over the next few weeks, workers will remove the reactor’s fuel supply and store it safely in the station’s used fuel pool. After that, workers will begin preparing the station for long-term decommissioning. 

“Today we celebrate the proud legacy of TMI Unit 1 and the thousands of employees who shared our commitment to safety, operational excellence and environmental stewardship for nearly five decades,” said Bryan Hanson, senior vice president and chief nuclear officer. “At a time when our communities are demanding more clean energy to address climate change, it’s regrettable that state law does not support the continued operation of this safe and reliable source of carbon-free power. It’s critical that we continue to pursue policy reform to prevent other carbon- free nuclear resources from being pushed out of the market by rules that fail to evenly value clean energy resources and at the same time allow emitting resources to pollute for free.” 

Three Mile Island Unit 1 began commercial operation in September 1974. Since Exelon Generation purchased TMI Unit 1 in 2000, the plant has offset more than 95 million metric tons of carbon, the equivalent of keeping nearly 20 million cars off the road. 

Along the way, it’s estimated that the station and its employees contributed more than $3.5 billion into the local economy, including wages, taxes, charitable contributions and local purchasing. The station has been such a landmark in the Londonderry Township community that a portrait of the plant is memorialized on public safety vehicles. 

“We salute Three Mile Island and its employees for the service and partnership they have provided to Londonderry Township and the surrounding communities for 45 years,” said Londonderry Township Manager, Steve Letavic. “This is a tough day for many. However, we look forward to maintaining a strong relationship with those at the facility as it enters into decommissioning.” 
About 300 of Three Mile Island Unit 1’s employees will be staying for the first phase of decommissioning. Other employees are taking on different roles within Exelon companies and still others have elected to retire or move on to other opportunities outside the company. 


Exelon Generation, a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC), is one of the largest, most efficient clean energy producers in the U.S., with a generating capacity of more than 32,000 megawatts. Exelon Generation operates the largest U.S. fleet of carbon-free nuclear plants with more than 19,600 megawatts of capacity from 22 reactors at 13 facilities in Illinois, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania. Exelon Generation also operates a diverse mix of wind, solar, landfill gas, hydroelectric, natural gas and oil facilities in 19 states with more than 12,400 megawatts. Exelon Generation has an industry-leading safety record and is an active partner and economic engine in the communities it serves by providing jobs, charitable contributions and tax payments that help towns and regions grow. Follow Exelon Generation on Twitter @ExelonGen, view the Exelon Generation YouTube channel, and visithttp://www.exeloncorp.com/companies/exelon-generation

NRC and FERC Commissioners to Discuss Grid Reliability, Reactor Issues

No: 19-047 September 18, 2019
CONTACT: Scott Burnell, 301-415-8200

NRC and FERC Commissioners to Discuss Grid Reliability, Reactor Issues

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will
hold a joint meeting Sept. 25 at NRC headquarters in Rockville, Md.

The meeting, which will begin at 9 a.m. and end at approximately 11:15 a.m., will be held in
the NRC’s Commission Hearing Room at 11555 Rockville Pike in Rockville. Staff members from
both agencies and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation will brief NRC and FERC
Commissioners on topics that include grid reliability, energy storage, operating reactor issues, new
reactor construction oversight, reactor decommissioning, small modular and advanced reactor
activities, and cybersecurity.

The NRC encourages those planning to attend to allow enough time for security screening in
advance of the meeting at the NRC’s One White Flint North entrance, at the corner of Rockville Pike
and Marinelli Road. The NRC is located across the street from the White Flint Metro station. The
NRC will webcast the meeting.

Media Notes: Media are asked to call the NRC Office of Public Affairs at 301-415-8200 in
advance to provide the names of those who will attend the meeting to assure sufficient seating. Seats
on one side of the Commission hearing room will be reserved for accredited members of the media.
Photographers will have limited space at the meeting in which to take photos. Movement must be
kept to a minimum to limit distractions and entry into the inner well closest to the Commission
briefing table will be prohibited.

Peach Bottom: Material Control and Accounting Program Inspection Report

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 - Material Control and Accounting Program Inspection Report 05000277/2019402 and 05000278/2019402 (Cover Letter Only)

ADAMS Accession No.  ML19260G175

Criticisms on the NRC's use of Probability Analyses

9/12/2019 - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Public Meeting on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Subsequent License Renewal of Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 at Peach Bottom, Delta PA

Criticisms on the use of Probability Analyses 

Peach Bottom relicensing sept 12 2019.pdf